Monday, March 1, 2010

Why So Quiet?

As you may have noticed it's been a little bit of time since I last posted anything on The Escapement's blog and Twitter account. After several months of investigation and debate my wife and I decided to move across the US to Seattle Washington. The confirmation of the move came about a month ago so, as you can probably imagine, I have been spending most of my time getting my affairs in order and packing up our home. We are doing this the old fashion way, we are loading up our home and dog in a U-Haul truck and driving across the country. The idea is at once romantic and dreadful to me at the same time.

I will, of course, continue with The Escapement once things settle down for us a bit, hopefully I will have some cool watch related personal news as well. I will still try to keep active during this process, though the posts may be a little lighter than normal. I understand that we are about to hit BaselWorld and my timing couldn't be more "perfect"...but alas that's the way life happens.

In the meantime I wanted to suggest a few fellow watch blogs that I find to be great reads, and are run by down to earth people that offer several different perspectives on individual watches and the industry.

Perpetuelle: OK this one was a given, run by Kyle Stults this is the blog that I guest write for from time to time. Perpetuelle does an amazing job of up to the moment news and opinion in the luxury watch industry.

Hodinkee: Stated by Benjamin Clymer and his partner Dan Wieder; Hodinkee focuses mainly on vintage pieces, but they are certainly not limited to them. An informative, and fun read.

The Watch Lounge: Run by Tom Mulraney; I would deem this to be a casual fun place to keep up with the industry, watch reviews, and some amazing giveaways for readers. Keep an eye on "Weird Watch Wednesday" for some of the coolest watches the industry has ever produced.

aBlogtoRead: Ariel Adams labor of love. A very popular, and often cited, blog that covers everything from Swiss made master complications to the burgeoning Chinese industry that is rapidly becoming a factor that the traditional Swiss firms can no longer ignore.

There are many other blogs that I follow and I cannot possibly recall them all. If you go to The Escapement's Twitter account you can find a decent sized list.

I truly appreciate every reader that has every graced this page and I hope you understand why I have been taking this small break while my 'normal' life falls back into place.