Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BaselWorld 2010 Preview Pt. VI

Continuing with today's sport watch mood; BaselWorld preview number six.



SUB 800 Ti Professional
Using a unique technology for the hourmarkers and hands, the SUB 800Ti guarantees extraordinary luminosity in conditions of the poorest visibility. Constructed in titanium, it is both highly resistant and light and meets the most exacting demands of deep-sea diving.



GrandCliff TNT Penta
Both technical and entertaining, the GrandCliff TNT Penta chronograph reveals a composition of five resolutely high-tech disks. The two date discs come together at 12 o’clock, while the three others, made of eloxided aluminium, indicate the 60 minutes and 12 hours of the flyback chronograph, as well as the permanent seconds. Limited edition of 201 pieces.



Deep Dive
Luminox’s Deep Dive has been used for 20 years by the Navy Seal, America’s coast-guards, and by the legendary diver Stan Waterman. The brand’s new version is even more impressive, with water-resistance to 50 bar (500 m/1500 ft). Certified for professional use, it meets the stringent ISO 6425 norms for diving watches. A patent-pending blocking system for the bezel and crown protector, an automatic helium valve, and a case with special water-resistant gaskets are just some of its many characteristics. And if those weren’t enough, there is its unique Luminox Light Technology (LLT) system providing continuous illumination for 25 years thanks to the micro gas tubes that emit a blue glow, the last colour that the human eye is capable of distinguishing at great depths.



Classic Watch
The most impressive model in the Gucci Classic collection, this chronograph embodies the quintessential Gucci style, inspired by a passion for sailing and nautical sports. Very sophisticated in its steel case and bracelet version, it becomes powerful and distinguished when presented in black PVD and a black or green rubber strap. No matter which of the two versions one chooses, one certainty remains: that of wearing a timepiece that is faithful to the brand’s codes, with the emblematic G in shiny filigree on the dial and the iconic green-red-green band. An inimitable signature, which makes each one of Gucci’s creations instantly recognisable.



Horseshoe Chronograph
Surprising and unique, the emblematic horseshoe by Catena is enhanced with black PVD and pink gold finishing, creating some very elegant contrasts between the case and dial. The chronograph, measuring time to 1/10 of a second, will satisfy the highest expectations of the man in search of contemporary elegance.



C1 Code
Logical, methodical and highly efficient, the new C1 Code chronograph is making a statement. The algebraic formula above the dial expresses the structural complexity of the case and partially covers the impressive sapphire crystal. The equations are fitted around the various counters, an unequivocal assertion that Concord watches are supreme pieces of engineering.



Black Light
Winner of the prestigious Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award 2009, the Black Light attracts immediate attention. The world’s first three-dimensional wristwatch, it is very easy to read in the dark thanks to its Superluminova-coated sapphire crystal hourmarkers, with the hands turning underneath. Thanks to the skilful use of the day/night contrasts, its black dial reflects intense luminosity. By exceeding the parameters laid down by design and opening up new dimensions, Alfex confirms that it has always been – and always will be – a “design addict”.

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