Friday, February 5, 2010

Hublot Just Can't Get Enough

Not so long ago I posted an article regarding Hublot partnering with the popular electronic music group Depeche Mode. The idea was to produce a one time run of 12 special edition Hublot Big Bang watches each of which would have cover art from Depeche Mode's 12 albums. The pieces were to be put up for auction online, and all of the proceeds were to be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Hublot unveiled the watches today, and announced the website where you can bid on the watches beginning February the 8th, all the way through February 24th.

Below are the 12 watches [in no particular order]:

Click on each photo for a more detailed view

In addition to winning one of the most popular sport automatic luxury chronographs around, the piece comes in a special presentation box which includes:

  • A deluxe vinyl version of the album
  • A USB flash drive containing a digital copy of the album and a documentary about the process of making it.
  • Original album artwork print and a framed gold CD
  • Each album will also include a signed photograph of everyone who contributed to that particular release [including: Alan Wilder & Vince Clarke]

For more information or to place a bid visit Good luck and happy bidding!


  1. Getting tired of Hublot limited series... . Hublot has no corporate identity, just limited series in a row.

  2. I was just discussing with someone how much we like the Audemars Piguet ROO but are getting a little drained with every boutique version that comes out every 20 days. The limited edition thing does get boring when it appears to be the same piece re-hashed over and over.

    But being a fan of electronic music, and a DM fan I can see certain appeal to this particular series...Plus at least its for a good cause.

    Thanks for reading!!