Friday, September 17, 2010

Now with a Twist

Over the past few months I have been a horrible, horrible, blogger. I really haven't done much with it, and I do feel pretty bad about that. There are several excuses but I'm sure the reason can be summed up with the word; malaise. I honestly wanted to write, and have been keeping up with the industry news, but I guess the muse just never struck me. I've also avoided activity in the forums, though I did visit for information. The passion was still there, just not the will...I guess. I know, I the waaaahmbulance, Craig. I am hoping all that is about to change.

As I mentioned in previous articles I do some hobbyist watchmaking at home, well last night I attended my first watchmaking class through NorWest Voc'Tech here in Seattle. Though not a standardized course set up through WOSTEP, or SAWTA [the Swiss governing bodies of horological education], I am definitely in the hands of extremely capable instructors and fellow classmates whom I can learn from. The class is full of known area watchmakers including; Tom Payne, who is certified as a WOSTEP 'Train the Trainer' instructor and Mark Smith from Seattle Watch Repair. Through these gentleman I have also become a member of the local chapter of the NAWCC, and Washington Watchmakers - Clockmakers Association.

My class bench, with my "school" set of tools...I may have a problem.

Now here's the part about my first class that really got my attention; in the small class of about 10 people I met a guy who actually read 'The Escapement' a couple times. Now considering I thought that my wife and my mother were my only two readers; I was quite excited to meet someone who was familiar. Obviously, it was nice to hear. Also, talking to this person about watches opened me back up to what I love about it so much. Hence the article.

What does all this mean for 'The Escapement'? What's the twist? you ask Well it means that I'm simply going to add some articles here and there about my experiences in the class. I will avoid going into minutia of the classes, as I imagine not all readers would be into that much information.

You know, I just read this and realized how much I use the terms "I" and "me", sorry about that, that's just plain tacky. I'll do my best to not do that from here on out, unless it's a stated opinion article.

Ed. Note: The Fat Boys photo is an mini homage to a very close friend of mine...and yes, I was actually a big fan growing up...'Crushin' was my favorite album, so there.


  1. Craig, My fellow horologist and classmate, before I say anything watch related, I must say I was truly elated to see the Fat Boys reference...I'm finding out we have more in common each and every day...

    The Fat Boys will never be wack!
    "Stick 'em" is my favorite cut.
    "B-b-b-b-b-Stick 'em! Ha Ha Ha- STICK EM!"
    I still have some of their old albums on wax. A blog featuring mechanical watches and Fat Boys lyrics: now that's an esoteric obscurity!

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow's lecture and meeting very much. By the way, the Tissot news about Parker got me thinkin about athletes and fine timepieces: Usain Bolt is now an official HUBLOT ambassador. Umm, can I be a Hublot ambassador too, please? I can run fast and do tricks. King Power Tourbillon would be much appreciated, thanks Hublot

  2. My friend actually still has a Fat Boys song book...It's pretty spectacular.