Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sneak Peak: Damasko In-House Movement

The young mechanical watch firm Damasko out of Germany [established in 1994] has been working on a completely in-house manufactured movement for about 3 years. A quick visit to the "Technology" area of their website and you see that Damasko is focusing a lot of it's attention on producing an oil free escapement created from a 'Diamond Like Carbon' [DLC] material that runs completely dry [without lubrication], that has superior wear resistance. Damasko initially took their concept and tested it out in existing movements [i.e. the Valjoux 7750] to see how it would hold up, with the results being very positive. A quiet announcement from Damasko through some smaller avenues shows that all is going according to plan, and that not only has the escapement been a success, but their plans to create an in-house movement are rapidly coming to fruition.

In a post from "Mike Stuffler" Moderator @ Watchuseek:

"Damasko is currently applying for a new patent. Damasko has developed a new production technique to produce hairsprings.

After three years of development the “Epi-Poly -Silicon” (EPS®) is ready for serial production.

It is a poly crystalline silicone which is for the first time produced as a layer out of vapour deposition.

Due to the vapour deposition it is possible to create crystals in nanometer size which makes that material a perfect substance for mechanical applications.

The new movement named the "A 35" will make it's public debut in a few months and will feature: a new patented winding mechanism, a ceramic/steel mix rotor bearing which takes away that parts need for lubrication, along with the mentioned DLC escapement, and in-house hairspring.

Damasko has apparently invested over 3 million Euro into this project, with most of that money going into developing the machinery to keep everything local. Starting now all pallets, wheels, pinions, barrels, rotors, bearings, balances, escapements, decorative engravings, spotting(s) and galvanic processes will be produced, and performed in-house.

A big thanks to Mike over at Watchuseek for passing this info along!


  1. I wonder if this sae company did the movement for cartier's recently announced concept watch. Pretty exciting technology.

  2. It is rather cool stuff. In a related story Seiko has recently come out against silicone escapements claiming that it's a false claim that the friction will be greatly reduced in the long run...I tend to disagree with that assertion but only time will tell.

    It will be interesting to see which way the industry goes with it.

    Thanks for the comments

  3. I am also worried about the fatigue of silicon escapement through time. Mechanical watches with swiss lever escapement with rubys work 100+ years keeping strong. Would the silicon snap due to fatigue afer a decade? Time will tell