Monday, August 3, 2009

Craziest Watch of the Year Award

Established in 1908 Concord was always seen as a company that produced a more understated series of timepieces...for the gentleman. Personally they never really appealed to me. In 2007 Concord took a very dramatic turn by adding the C1 model to their line of watches. This was so far from their previous efforts, and such a success that it would seem Concord is using that line as the new foundation for the companies future products. The C1 even already has some lower to moderately priced brands using it as an inspiration.

At the 2009 BaselWorld Fair Concord unveiled the newest watch in their very popular C1 line; the C1 QuantumGravity bi-axial tourbillon. If you think the name is a mouthful you are in for a surprise regarding it's features. The QuantumGravity [QG] is the latest piece to emerge from Concord's C-Lab a special workshop of watchmakers and designers whose goal it is to push the limits of mechanical watchmaking...psst! you're doing it right. Along side its basic time keeping functions the QG boasts a specially designed liquid filled 3-day power reserve indicator. The green liquid is phosphorescent nanoparticles which glow [below].

The watch also features a vertically mounted bi-axial tourbillon which is suspended on the side of the case rather than in its traditional position some where in the dial area. By the way; when I say "suspended" I literally mean suspended as the mechanism is actually supported by tiny [0.4mm thick] suspension cables that run from the tourbillon cage to the main plate [below].

All of this watchmaking lunacy is packed into a titanium case which measures under 50mm wide, about the same as a Breitling Chrono Super Avenger. Concord is only making 10 of them, and at a price of $480,000 each this will be a very exclusive club of owners.

Every year at BaselWorld several brands try to push the envelope of mechanical watchmaking by introducing watches that take the traditional and turn it on its head. I think it's fair to say, now being 6 months into 2009, that the Concord C1 QuantumGravity gets the award for most outrageous creation.

For more information on the QG you can visit the official website HERE.

Below is a short interview with the president of Concord discussing and showing the C1 QG at BaselWorld 2009. Check it out to see the bi-axial tourby in action

Information for this post was obtained from several sources including: Concord's own websites and WatchTime Magazine's August 2009 issue.

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