Monday, August 24, 2009

Swiss Watch iPhone Apps

Several Swiss watchmaking firms have jumped on the band waggon of creating iPhone applications involving some of their most popular, or newest pieces. When "apps" first started to really gain popularity there were some generic wristwatch versions available, but now it's becoming more clear that original manufacturers are seeing the potential advertising perks of creating official apps that showcases some of their product.

Below are some screen shots of the more popular apps currently available:

Bell & Ross: [Their popular BR01 Instrument watch]

Breitling: [Showing off the new Chronomat B01]

Glycine: [The Airman]

Victorinox/Swiss Army: [A variety of features]

One size fits all:
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While there has been a lot of reports in the past few years about a generation of people rejecting wristwatches in favor of using a mobile device as their reference of time, this shows that the watch firms don't really fear becoming obsolete. It's more likely than not that those who acquire one of these apps would be a brand devotee, and this would only strengthen their love of the product line offered. It also gives those who admire, but can't afford, a coveted watch the opportunity to own a small piece of it.

If you happen to have an iPhone, or iPod Touch and are interested, you can find these all at the Apple iPhone App Store

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