Friday, August 21, 2009

The Escapement's Google Ads: A Quick Note

As you may have noticed along the right side of my page there is a small amount of Google generated advertisements that mainly feature online watch retailers. It has come to my attention recently that every once in a while an ad appears for a website that sells replica, or fake, watches. At first I attempted to put blocks on specific pages using keywords, and web addresses but this is quickly becoming a losing battle on my end. I can only spend so much time being a watch dog.

As a general rule The Escapement does not officially endorse any online seller, let alone a seller of counterfeit watches. Please be extra careful when shopping at any online watch retailer you find [not just from here], if you need some assistance in finding a reputable seller, just ask I'll be glad to share which ones I've had positive experiences with. There are plenty of scam sites on this wonderful inter-web of ours [both replica and genuine watches] that will gladly take your money and give nothing in return.

To be completely honest I have no right to tell someone how to spend their own money, that's simply not my function with this blog. I just wanted to make sure you know that I am very aware of what appears on my page, even the things beyond my control.

Thank you for reading!

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