Monday, October 5, 2009

...To a Deluxe Apartment in the Sky

Over the past month or so I have entered into conversations with Kyle over at the First in Watches: Perpetuelle Blog. After some friendly back and forth He inquired if I would like to contribute some articles to his blog. After the initial shock of even being asked I happily accepted the opportunity to stretch my legs out a bit and write on Perpetuelle's behalf. I am happy to announce that my first offering for Perpetuelle has gone up today.

Originally launched in August of 2008, Perpetuelle focuses on industry news and reviews from the luxury watch market. Along with the blog Kyle has started what he refers to as a bespoke online forum so fans and collectors alike can keep in contact with each other sharing information, thoughts and any other watch related stuff they can think of. A new format of the forum will launch later this year, and it promises to be very user friendly, and customizable.

Fear not loyal readers...[both of you]...The Escapement is not going anywhere. I will still continue to write for this blog as much as possible along with contributing to Perpetuelle. You really won't notice any major differences here on The Escapement. Basically when I write an article for Perpetuelle I will post it here after it officially publishes there. I will, however, clearly state that the post was written for Perpetuelle first and all links will take you to that original post.

Any other writing I do for The Escapement will appear as it has in the clever sense of humor still included free of charge [like that humorous little quip right there].

To check out Perpetuelle for yourself, which I highly recommend by the way, click on their logo below.


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  1. Thanks for the nice post, Craig! As readers of your blog know by now, you have a great passion for watches - as is evident in your many great articles here on The Escapement.

    Perpetuelle / First In Watches looks forward to working with you!