Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Driving the Time Keeping Element

Welcome to The Escapement!

For those who don't know; the escapement is the most important part of a mechanical watch. As stated in the title of this, my inaugural post, it drives the time keeping element. The constant regulation from the escapement keeps the watch running at a specified rate, and prevents the mainspring from unwinding uncontrollably. So mechanical watches don't "tell time" as much as allow bound up energy to be released at a regulated rate to display the time of day. It's a delicate process that when done correctly gives a pile of gears and springs a heartbeat.

Hello, I'm Craig M. and my aim here at 'The Escapement' is to put forth unto you, the reader [or lack thereof], any timepiece and watch industry related information I find interesting. Along the way I may write up some reviews on wristwatches, and wristwatch related items. I am also an amateur watchmaker, so if anything blog worthy happens with that...I'll put it up. Please note; I do not discriminate when it comes to watches, I feel as though they all have certain value so expect discussion about mechanical and quartz watches coming from all the regions of the globe that produce them.

The opinions on here will be all me, I have no affiliation with with any entity in the manufacturing, or selling of watches. Any review I write will be of an item I personally own. I'm just a guy who has a passion for all things wristwatch.

Feel free to comment as I welcome all discussion. If I get something wrong or you just flat disagree with me...Tell me.

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