Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hautlence Press Kit

This is one of my favorite watch related things to come out in the past year. Hautlence a small Swiss firm worked with the French multimedia company i-reel to put out what has to be one of the coolest press kits for a watch in some time.

It's a bit hard to find, but I've seen it on eBay here and there. I was able to get mine by simply asking Hautlence directly last year. I was about 110% sure they wouldn't send me a thing, until it actually arrived. The disc works both as a CD-ROM and a playable DVD. When put in the computer you are greeted with hi-res photos of the HL series of watches, along with specs and company information, as you would find in a physical press kit.

However when popped into a DVD player you have the option to show two computer animated films made for Hautlence by the fine folks at i-reel. These films were meant to be shown on a loop on flat panel TV's in authorized dealers of Hautlence.

Here is the dynamic film made for the HLq line of watches.

I currently use the above film as much as possible to test any audio/video systems I set up at work.

As stated the animation was rendered by i-reel while the music and sound design was created by a french electronica duo named NewOldStockProd. Both of the members of the band are big watch fans themselves. If you enjoy what you see above you'll be happy to learn that these two teams have worked several times together on similar projects for watch firms including [links go directly to the respective brand's films]: Tag Heuer, Zenith, and Urwerk.

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