Sunday, July 19, 2009

Freebie For Your Computer!

Here is a little freebie for my fellow watch enthusiasts. I was clued into this from the online watch forum I spend too much time on. It's a Panerai GMT screensaver clock. It's pretty widely known that Panerai offers an official screensaver on their page. This new one appears to have been a labor of love from an Officine Panerai fan, and in my opinion is much better than the official offering.

The dial rendering has a 3D feel to it which is much more fun. The screensaver shows the time, the date, a seconds 'subdial', a cyclops, and a moving GMT hand which matches the current time in the 24hr scale [the GMT hand is not adjustable].

Now for the cool part; the screensaver has 'lume' on it. During the daylight hours the screensaver shows the numerals and hands in white, when it hits the nighttime hours they glow green. Below are a couple of screen shots [not captured by me]:

Daytime Display

Nighttime Display

This is available HERE for download. This has been making the watch forum rounds for a while, and I've had it on my computer for a few days. All is well, it's completely freeware and contains no funny stuff. When you get to the page click on "Free User" and it makes you wait 30 seconds to download the .exe file. You'll notice upon installation the instructions are in German...just click on the first button on the left and you are good to go! Das ist gut, ja?



  1. Any other way of getting the screen saver?

  2. Here is what appears to be the most current link.!download|652tl2|254954407|PaneraiGMT.exe|781